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Virtual shopping center (Virtual Shopping Center - VSC) is a website that allows other businesses to rent their "online booths" to conduct business activities such as sales, service provision, and possibly even purchasing goods.

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Virtual shopping center


Virtual shopping center in English Virtual shopping center, abbreviated as VSC.

Virtual shopping center (VSC) is a website, usually with a large capacity integrating many functions, created by an individual or a group of people or a unit, placed online, managed and operated, not just for the purpose of selling products themselves. or for the purpose of renting advertising space, but mainly for other businesses to rent their "online booths" to conduct business activities such as sales, service provision and possibly even purchasing. goods.

Partners in a VSC

– Center owner: legally the owner of the website, technically the web manager or admin of the website, the person who has full ownership, use, and legal responsibility for all activities of the website, is party B Sign and be responsible for implementing contracts with members who rent services on the website. Preside over transactions with website visitors.

– Rented members: are businesses, store owners, people who want to sell on VSC, and Party A signs service rental contracts provided by VSC.

– Visitors – customers: people who often visit the VSC website to view, search for information or make sales transactions.

Tenant members regularly transact directly with the supermarket owner via E.mail, or through other means of communication, including face-to-face meetings.

Renting members can also regularly visit VSC to review and make suggestions to the supermarket owner, but are not allowed to interfere with the content of the website - unless there are separate provisions in the contract.

Visitors visit VSC to review, search for information, to purchase goods at sales booths on VSC or to offer for sale goods that VSC announces a need to buy. 

Structure of VSC

The structure of VSC usually has two forms

– Synthetic form: in the menu bar of the home page, products are introduced by each category, in the pages about each category, products of that type are presented by all members.

– Booth format: Each member's products are introduced on a separate page, also called a web shop, like a separate website with a link to VSC.

A VSC can design a single format but can also use both formats mixed if requested by members.

Services provided by VSC

Services provided by VSC to members can be divided into many different "service packages", from low to high, from simple to complex, service rental prices depend on the level agreed upon.

– Advertising information services

– Advertising and product introduction services

– Advertising and sales

Advantages of VSC

Virtual shopping center - VSC is a viable and highly effective type of business.

This type is very suitable for the needs of a series of potential partners - members - businesses and small private stores such as souvenir and souvenir stalls (for tourists and foreigners). ) hotels, restaurants, travel centers, stalls selling books, newspapers, music tapes, movies, etc.

Virtual trade center is a type of e-commerce business support that requires little capital (unlike investors building a real trade center). A person only needs to have basic and basic technological knowledge, know how to manage an e-commerce website and know how to do good public relations (PR - Promotion Relations) work, then he can definitely do well. a VSC and become a successful website owner.

(According to E-commerce in the digital age, Information and Communications Publishing House)

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